Don’t Be Too Hasty

I had an interesting experience recently. It involved Facebook and a friend request. Now, I don’t know about you but I am not in the race to see how many “friends” I can get on Facebook. And if I receive a friend request from someone I don’t know then I usually don’t accept it.

So, when I got an email notifying me of a friend request from someone I didn’t know, I automatically went on to Facebook to delete the request. Luckily, the person making the request had also sent me a message introducing herself and explaining why she had made the request.

It turned out she is the editor of the magazine Fiber Art Now and wanted permission to use a picture of my quilt STELLA! in an article about QuiltCon that would appear in the summer edition of their magazine. How cool is that?

So I have learned not to be too hasty in my “friend request” decisions. And now, if I want to make a friend request to someone who may not know (or remember) me, I will send a message along with some explanation.

Today I got a copy of the magazine.


And I was thrilled to see the article about QuiltCon.


The whole magazine is a feast for the eyes, beautiful photos of amazing projects. Pick up a copy if you get a chance. Or subscribe. Check out Fiber Art Now.

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I’m in a book!

So, some exciting news to share today … I’m going to be in a book! Well, a quilt I designed is going to be in a book but that’s pretty much the same thing.

Earlier this year I was honoured to have two quilts juried into the Modern Quilt Guild’s inaugural QuiltCon held in Austin, Texas. One of the quilts was called “If Kaffe Met Seuss” and was in the Improvisational category and the second one was called “STELLA!” and was in the Modern Traditionalism category. While neither of the quilts won ribbons, it was an incredible experience seeing them hanging there amongst all the other modern quilts.

If Kaffe Met Seuss

If Kaffe Met Seuss



Through that experience I ended up corresponding with a quilter named Jenifer Dick who also happens to be an author and Executive Editor for the publishing company Kansas City Star Quilts. She had seen my quilts at QuiltCon and asked to see some more of my work. She then invited me to participate in a project the company was working on. How cool is that?

The book, published under KCSQ’s newest imprint, My Stars, has 10 different designers contributing modern quilts all based on traditional blocks that were published in the Kansas City Star newspaper in the past. Some of the blocks were originally published in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The book will be published this fall.

So even though I can’t post a picture of my quilt yet, here are some links to the blog, Facebook page and Twitter page that will introduce you to a new designer each week through a Q&A interview. Hope you’ll check us all out.

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A few more hexies!

Not much sewing has been happening this past week. I am involved in a project that is still under wraps but not for much longer. I’m pretty excited about this one and can hardly wait to share it with you!

In my last post I had mentioned my love of hexies. Well I have some new photos to share with you but this isn’t about quilting … hope you enjoy it. Mother Nature is really an incredible designer!



I’ll be back soon with more about quilting.

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Entering the Blogosphere

I’m very excited to be joining the blogging world. I’ve been following and enjoying lots of your blogs and have finally decided to take the leap.

I’m a quilter so that’s what this is really all about. But other aspects of my life may creep in now and then.

image2.jpgSo let’s talk about quilting! For me right now, it’s all about hexies.  I took a class in February at QuiltCon from Jacquie Gering (she is so great!) and learned how to sew hexagons by machine without marking. Check out the tutorial at her site Tallgrass Prairie Studio.

This little quilt is the one I started in her class.  I love how it turned out and am very happy that I threw in some silk blocks to add something a little different.


Now I am working on a larger version … about the same number of blocks but instead of cutting the hexies from 5″ strips, these are cut from 8″ strips.  The blocks are all joined in columns, now I just have to sew all the columns together.

And I am in the process of writing a pattern using hexies and triangles.   I have one of the sample quilts finished, have another out to be quilted and am trying to finalize the pattern now.  I love figuring it all out!

Oh, oh, oh! And I just got a new sewing machine. Well, two actually but that is a story for another day.

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