Lucky Penny Pyramids

I often hear quilters saying that they aren’t very good at picking out fabrics for a quilt or they are unsure of their fabric choices. They don’t trust their own judgement and lack confidence in their decisions.

If this describes you then keep reading (and if not you might just want to look at the pictures). One of the easiest ways to make sure that your colour choices are pleasing is to start with a multicolour print that you like and use the colours from it. The colours don’t have to match exactly. In fact, it makes for a much more interesting quilt if you introduce some variations of each colour.  And in the end, you don’t even have to use the original print you started out with. But you can proceed with the confidence that the colours look good together.

When I was at QuiltCon in Austin earlier this year I purchased a one yard piece of a large print by Alison Glass from her Lucky Penny line. I have taken the fabric out several times to admire, all the while trying to decide what to make with this one yard of fabric and wishing that I had bought more (there was no more or I would have).


A couple of weeks ago I took the fabric out again and finally decided how I wanted to use it.  So I started pulling solids from my stash … cottons, linen blends, shot cottons … anything that I could find that reflected the colours in the print. Once I had all the colours gathered I dug a little deeper to add some variety to the colours … something a little lighter or darker, or maybe with some texture.  I ended up with about 20 solid fabrics to use along with the original print.

20131011-184620.jpg   20131011-184559.jpg
I cut one 5″ strip from each of the fabrics (two from the print) and cut as many 60 degree triangles as I could from each strip. The size of the quilt was determined by the number of triangles I had cut. I just kept adding rows and adjusting the width of the quilt until I ran out of triangles. For backing I used a fun Valori Wells flannel and quilted it by stitching about 3/8” (the width of the foot on my sewing machine) from all the seams. I used a variegated Sulky Blendables thread that shows up just the right amount and finished off with the print for the binding.

The result is my Lucky Penny Pyramids quilt. I love this quilt! One of my new favourites.  And I still ended up with about 8″ of the print fabric left!



About Susan Strong

My name is Susan and I am a quilter. (Sounds like the beginning of a 12-step program meeting!) I am also the wife of a very understanding husband, mother of two great adult children and Nana of two beautiful granddaughters. I have been quilting for more years than I am willing to mention. To say that I am obsessed with quilting is an understatement. I love fabric, colour and the whole creative process. There is nothing better than starting a new quilt ... but finishing is another story. I am, what you might call, easily distracted. Always seduced by new fabrics and ideas. And that would be the reason I have a cupboard full of quilt tops waiting to be finished. Someday.
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One Response to Lucky Penny Pyramids

  1. Jean Rawson says:

    Beautiful! Bright and colourful!

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