How many sewing machines does one girl need?

In my first ever post I mentioned that I had just bought two new sewing machines. I know that sounds very decadent but I did get a really great deal on them. Really.

My sewing machine history …. I bought my first sewing machine (a very basic Kenmore) when I was 18 years old. I sewed with it for a few years and then upgraded to a Kenmore that had a few more stitch options (like maybe 20!). This was the machine I started quilting on. And it served me well to begin with. It sewed many, many miles.

Then I started working in a quilt shop that sold Bernina machines and it didn’t take too long until I was the proud owner of a second-hand Bernina 1090. My dream machine! Even second-hand, the machine was expensive (especially by Kenmore standards) but I justified it because I never thought I would ever need a different machine!

Enter the Bernina Aurora 440 QE with Stitch Regulator. I coveted this machine from the first ad I saw in a magazine. It was probably about 8 months from the first time I saw it until I brought my new baby home. My husband thought it was a lot of money to spend on a sewing machine (he likened it to a second-hand car). And I never thought I would ever need a different machine!

Fast forward a few years when so many of the new machines were being made with a larger harp space. Bernina’s first go at this was easy to resist. Too big and cumbersome and way too expensive. And because I really wasn’t looking to change machine manufacturers I waited to see what they might come out with next. You see, I’ve always been a believer in “once you go Bernina, you never go back”.

But after having the same thing “fixed” on my machine 3 times in less than a year, I was a little disillusioned. Especially when the closest Bernina dealer is far enough away that it means being without my machine for a few days each time it is being serviced.

Enter Pfaff. Most of my quilting friends own Pfaffs. They all love them the same way I have always loved my Berninas. And there is a dealer within 25 minutes of where I live (and owned by very good friends which is also a bonus!). This spring, Pfaff came out with some new machines and one caught my eye … the Performance 5.0. It has many features that my Bernina 440 does not have including the large harp, low bobbin indicator, a dizzying array of stitches and the ability to create your own stitches. It also has a knee lift which has always been one of my favourite features on my Bernina machines.



So I ordered a new Pfaff 5.0. And a new Pfaff 2.0 Passport. This is a smaller, more portable machine that has about 70 stitch options, and is great for taking to classes, etc. It only weighs about 14 pounds. The dealer had an amazing promotion price if you bought both machines at the same time. Who could resist that deal?

Well, I have finally gotten back to doing some sewing and am really happy with the new machines. There is definitely a learning curve but absolutely no regrets.

And as for my 2 Bernina machines, they are still really good machines and I will keep them and use them occasionally. I just can’t see getting rid of them any time soon.

So that makes 4 machines. Unless you count the Singer treadle that belonged to my Mother-in-law, then that’s 5. Oh, and a serger. And I’m sure that’s all.


About Susan Strong

My name is Susan and I am a quilter. (Sounds like the beginning of a 12-step program meeting!) I am also the wife of a very understanding husband, mother of two great adult children and Nana of two beautiful granddaughters. I have been quilting for more years than I am willing to mention. To say that I am obsessed with quilting is an understatement. I love fabric, colour and the whole creative process. There is nothing better than starting a new quilt ... but finishing is another story. I am, what you might call, easily distracted. Always seduced by new fabrics and ideas. And that would be the reason I have a cupboard full of quilt tops waiting to be finished. Someday.
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2 Responses to How many sewing machines does one girl need?

  1. Loree says:

    Too true you Pfaffinator you!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Julie says:

    Wow – what I would give for a machine with a low bobbin indicator. Enjoy many happy years of Pffaffing. I have a Singer which is about 30 years old – it was my Grans. I dream of a new machine – one day ….

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