Entering the Blogosphere

I’m very excited to be joining the blogging world. I’ve been following and enjoying lots of your blogs and have finally decided to take the leap.

I’m a quilter so that’s what this is really all about. But other aspects of my life may creep in now and then.

image2.jpgSo let’s talk about quilting! For me right now, it’s all about hexies.  I took a class in February at QuiltCon from Jacquie Gering (she is so great!) and learned how to sew hexagons by machine without marking. Check out the tutorial at her site Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  http://tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot.ca/

This little quilt is the one I started in her class.  I love how it turned out and am very happy that I threw in some silk blocks to add something a little different.


Now I am working on a larger version … about the same number of blocks but instead of cutting the hexies from 5″ strips, these are cut from 8″ strips.  The blocks are all joined in columns, now I just have to sew all the columns together.

And I am in the process of writing a pattern using hexies and triangles.   I have one of the sample quilts finished, have another out to be quilted and am trying to finalize the pattern now.  I love figuring it all out!

Oh, oh, oh! And I just got a new sewing machine. Well, two actually but that is a story for another day.


About Susan Strong

My name is Susan and I am a quilter. (Sounds like the beginning of a 12-step program meeting!) I am also the wife of a very understanding husband, mother of two great adult children and Nana of two beautiful granddaughters. I have been quilting for more years than I am willing to mention. To say that I am obsessed with quilting is an understatement. I love fabric, colour and the whole creative process. There is nothing better than starting a new quilt ... but finishing is another story. I am, what you might call, easily distracted. Always seduced by new fabrics and ideas. And that would be the reason I have a cupboard full of quilt tops waiting to be finished. Someday.
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2 Responses to Entering the Blogosphere

  1. Love your Hexi quilts! I too am obsessed with hexi’s!

  2. Loree says:

    Great site Susan! You’re off to a whole new distraction…………….”oh look; it’s a bird!” …..

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